An ode to slow living
and mindful luxury

Mind the balance comes from the heart. It originates from a desire to create a platform dedicated to discovering new experiences on the road to a more aware way of living. This is an ode to a quiet life and stolen moments. It’s a kind request to let your mind and body wander.


“Our carefully curated collection radiates delicate luxury.”


The tremendous talent and crazy creativity of driven entrepreneurs and soulful artists we meet inspire us. It is a privilege to both share this journey with them and to share their stories with you. This community will invite you to find your own rhythm in life.

Our carefully curated collection radiates delicate luxury. We cultivate a personal preference for refined lifestyle objects and choose every item with great love for beauty.


We care for you and the world we share. Which is why we aim to offer honest, high-quality products that are consciously crafted to last.